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To feel is to live.

Together let's uncover the different mind, body, and emotional aspects that are playing into your struggles.

We will use colorful healing light and other techniques to shift energy.  Are you ready to start feeling better so you can focus on your passions instead of your pains? Let's do this!

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Let's Become Body Aware!


My name is Sheena Sosiadar and I am the energy practitioner for Harmonizing Your Health. As a mind-body intuitive, I help people looking to shift the energy in their bodies or life so they can better connect to healing, health, and become empowered creators.

I have done thousands of energy sessions and am sought out to speak as a presenter at the Energy Healing Conferences. I studied directly under Courtney Beardall and am a certified practitioner and mentor in the energy modality, Investigating Health and Investigating Brain. I love to learn and have taken numerous energy modalities and classes including Investigating Health, Healer’s Blueprint, and A Body of Light. I have self-studied quantum touch, meditation, kundalini yoga, acupuncture, emotion code, and more. In December of 2016, I also completed The Elite life coaching mentor program.

MY JOURNEY in the energy work world began in 2013. I was going through a stressful time of life and it manifested physically as Bell’s palsy (facial paralysis) on my left side. I was told it would be about 3 weeks and I would have regained function back. Months passed and my face was just as paralyzed as the day it happened. My family doctor and a friend suggested I try the acupuncture. That form of energy work was the first thing that began helping me to gain mobility back in my facial muscles. I was blessed with the opportunity to volunteer at an acupuncture clinic and that experience opened my eyes to the powerful results that can come from energy work. As time passed, my curiosity of different modalities of energy work increased and I was referred to an inspired foot zoner who led me to Courtney’s course. I am grateful for the journey that getting Bell’s palsy put me on. It changed the course of my life, introduced me to incredibly inspired people, and brought me to where I am today! I feel of Love so strongly when I do this work and am grateful to be blessed with the gifts to help others.

I received my formal education at Brigham Young University where I received a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science in 2006. My in-depth study of the human body helps provide a background that supports a higher level of understanding which I utilize in my energy work.

​I have a unique approach where I choose to focus on growing the connection to the inner Love, Light, and unique Intelligence of each client.

I have supported my clients with many things- Migraines, allergies, sleep disorders, depression, addictions, anxiety, sciatica, infertility, kidney stones, autoimmune disorders, methylation issues, weight loss, self esteem, endocrine imbalances, heart disease, blood pressure, skeletal issues, autism, ADHD, vertigo, PTSD, fatigue, chronic pain, menstrual cycle issues, abuse, SRA, bipolar disorder, multiple personalities, colds, adrenal fatigue, thyroid disorders, back/neck pain, bed-wetting, tonsils issues, bowel issues, teeth, diabetes, diverticulitis, hearing/vision issues, parasites, toxins, nutrition/deficiencies, STIs, hypoglycemia, knee pain, stress management, pathogens, PCOS, bursitis, sinus issues, UTIs, scars/wounds, desires, opening up spiritual gifts, working towards abundance and relationship goals, along with many other things.

ENERGY SESSIONS- I work on people, animals, businesses, and places.  Energy work sessions are held over the phone where you call me at the beginning of your appointment time. I can work independently if you are unable to be on the phone and report back via email or at a time convenient for you.  I use Investigating Health for the basis of the session and will pull in other modalities and mentoring as I feel inspired to do so. Sessions are $111 for an hour session. For sessions that go over or emergency sessions, it is $1.85/minute. Payment is due immediately after the conclusion of our session through Paypal or Venmo.

For my international clients, we can hold the phone call via What'sApp, Skype, or Facebook Messenger.  Please email me prior to the session to coordinate if calling internationally so we can plan accordingly.

WHAT TO EXPECT AT AN ENERGY SESSION- At the beginning of your call, you take the first few minutes to share with me what you would like to work on.  I'll then take the lead and start every session by tuning you into your light, getting you grounded, and other general energy clearing to open you up to receiving/shifting.  From there, I let your higher self lead us to the priority issue from the list you shared.  Using the intuitive gifts of clairsentience, clairaudience, clairvoyance, and applied kinesiology we will identify energetic blocks and send specific energies for each aspect that arises.  If you have any questions, please ask them at least 5 minutes prior to the end of the call.  We always finish by me closing off to your field and leaving you plugged into love as you process the work.

After booking an appointment, you will receive an email with this link to electronically sign my Client Informed Consent and Disclosure Statement document via DropSign. (You may also sign it now by clicking this link as it is the same one that you will be emailed to you). To ensure your appointment, this form must be signed and submitted prior to your appointment. Also, if your session time is for your child or family member who is over 18 years old, they need to sign the consent form themselves. It is very important to me that I only work on people with their conscious consent.

I love energy work! Serving others in this capacity brings much joy and peace into my life. I look forward to the opportunity of working together and striving to achieve more harmony in your life!

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